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Our school publishes a newsletter once a week. Copies of current and past editions can be downloaded from here. If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.
Week 9.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 9Week 921/03/20183969 KB
Week 8.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 8Week 814/03/20184138 KB
Week 7.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 7Week 77/03/20183213 KB
Week 6.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 6Week 628/02/20186491 KB
Week 5.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 5Week 521/02/20187669 KB
Week 4.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 4Week 414/02/20183391 KB
Week 3.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 3Week 37/02/20182847 KB
Week 2.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 2Week 231/01/20181776 KB
Week 1.pdf2018 Term 1 Week 1Week 124/01/20181994 KB
FINAL Community Information Brochure.pubPositive Behaviour for Learning BrochureFINAL Community Information Brochure24/01/20182329 KB
Week 10.pdf2017 Term3 Week 10Week 1013/09/20173259 KB
Week 9a.pdf2017 Term 3 Week 9Week 9a6/09/20173509 KB
Week 1a.pdf2017 Term 2 Week 1Week 1a19/04/20172285 KB
Week 8a.pdf2017 Term 1 Week 8Week 8a15/03/20173584 KB
Week 7b.pdf2017 Term 1 Week 7 Week 7b8/03/20172056 KB
Week 5 Newsletter.pdf2017 Term 1 Week 5Week 5 Newsletter22/02/20172278 KB
Week 4 Newsletter.pdf2017 Term 1 Week 4Week 4 Newsletter15/02/20173204 KB
Week 3 Newsletter.pdf2017 Term 1 Week 3Week 3 Newsletter8/02/20174346 KB
Week 1 documents FINAL Community Information Brochure.pdfCommunity Information BrochureWeek 1 documents FINAL Community Information Brochure25/01/2017503 KB
Week 10 Newsletter.pdfTerm 4 Week 10 NewsletterWeek 10 Newsletter7/12/20167951 KB
Week 9 Newsletter.pdf2016 Term 4  Week 9Week 9 Newsletter30/11/20166010 KB
Week 8 Newsletter.pdf2016 Term 4 Week 8Week 8 Newsletter23/11/20166946 KB
Week 6 Newsletter.pdf2016 Term 4 Week 6Week 6 Newsletter9/11/20165343 KB
Week 1 Newsletter.pdf2016 Term 4 Week 1Week 1 Newsletter5/10/20162123 KB
Week 7 Newsletter.pdf2016 Term 3 Week 7Week 7 Newsletter24/08/20163463 KB
Week 2 Newsletter.pdf2016 Term 4 Week 2Week 2 Newsletter12/07/20166330 KB
Week 11.pdf2016 Term 2 Week 11Week 1122/06/20163430 KB
Week 7a.pdfWeek 7 Term 2 NewsletterWeek 7a25/05/20165801 KB